November 18, 2019

Piedmont Provides...Trusted Protection

A widow and widower, each with their own families, married each other late in life. The wife wanted her family to benefit from her estate tax exclusion, so she was reluctant to split gifts with her wealthier husband and potentially use part of her exclusion. Solving the problem was particularly important because the wife wanted to be sure that her estate provided for her handicapped grandchild.

Piedmont advisors customized a plan to benefit both families, and the wife and her family are now comfortable that their collective financial interests are protected.

Piedmont has more than 90 years of experience in helping families work through major life and financial transitions. To learn more about how we have assisted families in these types of situations, please contact us! Our experienced team would love to assist you with an estate plan review at any time.


Louise Maultsby Bristol
Senior Trust Officer