December 13, 2021

'Tis the Season to Choose a New Trustee

During the COVID pandemic, Elizabeth and Truitt have reset their focus on family and their personal financial situations. Connecting with loved ones and planning in the face of uncertainty have become essential.

They have reviewed their estate plans, especially several trusts already in existence. Elizabeth learned about Piedmont and its emphasis on comprehensively serving families from her close friend. She was particularly interested in Piedmont’s fiduciary services.

Currently serving as Trustee of over 250 trusts, Piedmont is skilled at managing investments with the beneficiaries’ interests in mind, making distribution decisions, reporting on all trust assets whether held at Piedmont or elsewhere, and preparing associated tax returns. Most important to Elizabeth and Truitt is Piedmont’s focus on educating beneficiaries about trusts and why they were created.

Elizabeth liked the idea of choosing a boutique firm allied with strong partners, as opposed to a larger institution serving a broader audience of clients. Piedmont has over 90 years of experience focusing on families. To learn more about our fiduciary and family office services, please contact us.